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0d 20h 9m 8s
Zhyper Rankings
1. sampaguita (20,000)
2. xGodSpeLLx (13,692)
3. Casopheia (12,936)
4. LindaChang (9,942)
5. BKheavens (9,413)
Valhalla Rankings
1. SouLhigh (2 GR, 440 ML)
2. ALLDAYHUNT (2 GR, 440 ML)
3. Quadkill (2 GR, 440 ML)
4. Mustafa (2 GR, 440 ML)
5. LordMiMi (2 GR, 440 ML)
Castle Owner
Castle Siege Battle Starts In
1d 20h 9m 8s
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MuOnline Server

Your journey into MU starts here!
ZhyperMU Season 10 Advance Download
¬ News & Announcements 23 November, 2017

Zhyper Mu Online Season 10

Zhyper Mu Online Season 10

We will be launching our Mu Online Season 10 update on Sunday November 26, 11:30pm GMT+8 on Zhyper & Valhalla Servers

You can now download in advance our Season 10 Client in preparation for our Live Update on Sunday & You can also Play on Server 13 Season 10 Test Server

Mirror 1: https://www.mediafire.com/file/1119o...mus10ep3V2.exe

Mirror 2: https://mega.nz/#!Vnoz0TaY!QVgcGaplv...wqljakI9bm6acU

Mirror 3: goo.gl/KHdmcb

Small Client No Sound & Music : goo.gl/5ozQeJ

Public Test Realm ( Server 13 ) is open with Season 10 Test Server, We have attached November 21 on our Test Server.

Please remember that items, characters & data on Test Server, Remains on Test Server and you cannot bring it to Live Server.

If you have problem with font showing in boxes just right click the font file included in game folder & click Install

Our Season 10 client can now support Spanish language just select it in option of the new launcher of Season 10.

On Test Server You Will Get 160,000 Stat Points Free Instant Max Stats to Add



Thank You,

ZhyperMU Team