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Resets Hall of Fame
1. Casopheia (12,699)
2. keikei (10,015)
3. Dionysos (7,456)
4. CREATIVE (5,246)
5. RoGueRF (3,857)
Guild Rankings
1. xPOLICEx - 1,850
2. THECR0W - 1,734
3. TrIMAGIC - 1,719
4. DiEALONE - 1,578
5. BlueEyez - 1,193
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Castle Siege
Guild Owner: MASSIVE
Guild Master: Dakpinyan
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ZMU/GMU/FMU Grand Eyeball!
¬ News & Announcements 12 February, 2015
January Community News
¬ News & Announcements 1 December, 2014

Are you having a hard time launching ZhyperMU? Is there no window appearing after you click the connect button?

Well you're not alone, players are having a rough time entering the game and it's seriously stressing them out. So when did this problem occur? Most of us started experiencing this after the new patch, which our Admin didn't say or announce anything about it. Rumors said it's a counterpart for cheats or what we call Anti Cheats, but we're not sure.

If you are encountering the same problem like ours try this method which I basically fish out from the tech help section.
"If you would of read the updated you would see that Nocturnal found some glitches and he fixed them, close your clickers other apps and wil work, other apps could be Skype etc.. Or even cheat based programs or I like the way u call them hax:)) it's hacks btw :P" commented by Kyzaroo, a ZhyperMU player.

Don'tworry, you can surely trust his comment because believe it or not our very own Admin Nocturnal actually replied on his comment, "Well said." That's something to be proud of, I think.

So before launching the game be sure to close all applications or programs that you are using to make sure that the game wont detect any hacks or etc. Exit your Skype, it might be the reason why you cant log in, sometimes i wonder maybe this app is a cheat based program or not.

But, if it still not effective don't loose hope, don't think about quitting the game! That's not cool man. Just do this, try to connect to the game for so many times, spam the connect button. I swear you'll connect in no time. But, if it doesn't still connect after 10 times of trying, then TRY HARDER!!!

To tell you the truth, i have tried more than 20 times connecting in game and I succeeded when i reached my 26'th try. It's effective but you have to be patient because it will take time. Well if you truly love the game this wouldn't be a hindrance to you. Good luck and enjoy playing.


Market Price Watch January 2015

Items Equivalent
1 Soul 2 Bless
1 JOH 1 Soul
2 Gemstones 1 Soul
1 JOL 1 soul
1 Jewel of Creation 1 Soul
1 Jewel of Chaos 3 Souls
1 Black Pet 220 - 280 JOH (range)
1 Black Pet 200 - 250 HRS (range)
1 Black Pet 200 - 600 Souls (range)
1 Black Pet 4 - 6 ECATS
1 Black Pet 1 Full Trade TCA
Panda Pet 1 - 2 Black Pet
Skeleton Pet 2 Black Pets
Unicorn 7 - 8 Black Pets
1 Red Pet Black Pet + Souls/ 2 BLack Pets
1 Blue Pet 500-600 Souls/ 2 Black Pet
1 Gold Pet 10 - 11 Black Pets
1 FT of SOL 4 - 5 Black Pets (range)
20 Cash Points 18 - 20 Black Pets (range)
30 Cash Points 25 -28 Black Pets (range)
1 SS+5 3- 4 Black Pets (range)
Errtel Rank 3 +10 (in pvp) 20 - 22 Black Pets (range)
Errtel Rank 3 +10 (in raids) 4 - 6 Black Pets (range)
FT ECAT 4 - 5 Black Pets (range)
Scroll+15 4Slots(Any Element) 150 - 180 Black Pets
Entramu+9 3 slots 7 - 8 Black Pets
Muren Book+13 3 slots 14 Black Pets
1 SS5 (empty) 1 Black Pet
Mini Wing+15 1 - 2 Black Pets
3rd Wing+15 3option 7 - 8 Black Pets
3rd Wing+15 2option 2 - 4 Black Pets



On January 14, 2015, Head Game Master iReject announced the resignations of Game Master Team Leader Ma.Lourdhez (DhezZ in game) and 2 other Game Masters, Sieg Hart (Siegharts in game) and Lucas(aLucas in game). Ma.Lourdhez has stepped down due to personal reasons. Sieg Hart decided to resign because of a relative's death, school schedule change and health issues. And Lucas gave up the Game Master post because of his family duties and dancing career.

On the other hand, HGM iReject also announced the new batch of Test Game Masters and the return of Game Master EMPEROR. The new Test Game Masters are TGM ACTIVE, TGM Simca, TGM .OBEY, TGM Anastasius and TGM COMMANDER. Unfortunately, TGM Active was not able to continue his test period because of some personal matters.

ZhyperMU wants to thank all those who stepped down for their service and dedication to the community. We bid them farewell and good luck, and we hope to hear from them in the future.

Also, we sincerely thank GM EMPEROR for his comeback and the new TGMs for taking on the challenge of doing such important tasks for the community. We genuinely express our support during their test period and beyond.



For the last week of January, our Head Game Master iReject, had made an announcement regarding the status of the Game Master Team.

First of all, Game Master Team Leader RockyRoad will be back from the depths of his leave while his co GMTL iCharlon remained on his position for showing dedication with his tag. Lastly, Raizen had stepped down from his position due to real life issues and needs. He can no longer fulfill his tasks, so he decided to leave from the team even though it is hard for him to do so.

In addition, new batch of Test Game Masters were willing to serve the community to become an ideal Full Game Masters. They are; TGM BookMark and TGM .Chivas, while JKClimaco has again given a chance to continue his test periods.
Their dedication for the ZhyperMU server will always be recognized and all players are thankful for they assistance. Keep it up GM Team!


Before January ends, Former Head GFX .Avin had resign on his position.

He had rendered a hardwork and respectful service to the community.He had amazed everyone with his talent and persevirance on bringing the GFX Team to life once again. But recently, he needed to step down from his position due to his personal needs and issues.

JMarion was then assigned to be the new Head GFX and given the task on maintaining the cleanliness and the active service of his team.

Having a higher position maybe a a good thing to lift up your pride but its not always something to be happy about. You have the responsibility to watch over your team and lead them on the right way.

Moderators have a big part on maintaining the peace and justice inside the ZhyperMU community. They have power to give warning and infractions to those people who tries to disobey the rules and regulation implemented in ZhyperMU Forum.

Lately, Lead Moderator.Sorata had announced updates regarding the status of the Moderator Team. First, SmiLance, McN0LDS, and Hanz passed their training period and became Full Moderators. Second, Kim., .Thommy and Marko has decided to resign from their position due to their hectic real life schedules. They hadchosen to leave the team in order to face their real life problems. Lastly, Remaxkoy and Jhem has removed from the team due to their unexplained inactivity.

In Addition, Holmes, decided to give a hand to fulfill the gasps in the team. But he has been retained as a test moderator for a meantime to re-enhance his potentials in becoming a Full Moderator.

In addition, Lead Moderator FireFox announced on January 14, 2015 the comeback of Ronark to and the stepping down of Spartan from the Forum Moderator post.

We deeply thank Spartan for the dedication and service he rendered to the community, and we also thank Ronark for once again accepting the significant role of being a Forum Moderator.

We extend our congratulations to both, Spartan for his successful real-life career and Ronark for once again being part of the Moderator Team.

· According to statistics, 73% of Valentine’s Day flowers are bought by men, whereas women buy only 23% of Valentine flowers.

· According to a survey, approximately 3% of pet owners prefer giving Valentine gifts for their pets, as pet are more grateful than humans.

· Each year around 1 billion Valentine cards are sent across the world. After Christmas this is the single largest seasonal card-sending occasion.

· Children between ages 6 to 10 give more than 650 million Valentine’s cards to their teachers, classmates, and family members.

· Verona, the place where Shakespeare’s lovers Romeo and Juliet lived, receives approximately 1,000 letters every year for Juliet on Valentine’s Day.

· 15% of US women send flowers to themselves on Valentine’s Day.
· Penicillin was introduced on February 14, 1929.

· In the Middle Ages, people believed that the first unmarried person of the opposite sex you met on the morning of St. Valentine’s Day would become your spouse.

Source: http://www.purpletrail.com/partytrai...cts-and-trivia

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Creator: Jhem


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