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Bloody Heart Event 
Feb. Valentine Major Farming Bloody Event
Event Mechanics:
-Heart of Love drop rate will be enabled and set to 1/10000
in all farming maps, including Archeron and LOT.
-Heart of Love drop is only enabled in Server 1 PVP map, that is why this is called
Bloody Valentine Event.
-Heart of Love drop will be disabled on Feb 29
-Collected Heart of love will be redeemed to Cash Points with the ratio 1:10
or 1 Heart of Love is to 10 Cash Points and can be redeemed the same way as Cash Points Vouchers.
-All players who submitted their Heart of Love will also be recorded and the 3 most Heart of Love collected will be given special Bloody Valentine Prizes
#1 H.O.L collected
Tier 10 set of choice
#2 H.O.L. collected
Pair of weapon / 1 Weapon & Shield of choices
#3 H.O.L. collected
4th Wing of choice

Event start now 
Heart drop rate Start Feb.9 until Feb.29