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MU Online ex700 High Exp Server

Your journey into MU starts here!

We the ZhyperMU Journalist Team would like to apologize for the delay of both July and August Issue.
However, due to our combine forces, we present to you THE ZHYPERIAN ISSUE JULY AND AUGUST 2015!

Happy reading everyone!

Updates Regarding the Green auto Updater.

As announced by the ZhyperMU Admin / Owner Nocturnal, players should launched the game by the use of the Green Auto Updater to aneble the new patch. It clearly says that there is some new features and security to the server. This update is to prevent further hacker on attacking our beloved server.

Though many hackers are still on the urge of destroying the game, ZhyperMU together with its staffs are doing their their best to maintain the position of ZhyperMU as the top MU Private Server.

For the Cmt Staff, there are doing their job on preventing the further use of hacks inside the game. together with the seniors and admins they bow to protect and keep the game running.

The Server is encouraging more players to be part of ZhyperMu server for them to experiencethe fun and excitement offered by this game.

Arca War Battle Begins!
Another update for the month of july and August was for the Arca War.

In July, there is a pre- trial Arca War open to everyone in order to test the feature and to find out the glitches in order to be fixed.

As The winner of ZhyperMu 1st Arca War battle. ZhyperMu congratulate SixSense for winning the 1st Arca war Battle. SixSense will now glorify to get the rewards to the Senior Staff Members. And after the Arca War Battle the Sever was disconnected to check by ZhyperMu CMT Staff if there is some cheats used in the battle.

Regarding about the Schedule of the Arca War Battle.

Event: Every Friday once a week.
Time: 8pm GMT+8
Server: Server 4 ONLY

It is for The players that still don't know the Schedule of this newly cometetivel battle. Common Guys and join this battle and be one of a strongest player to join to the strongest guild winning to the battle.

However, this August the event is still under maintenance due to unwanted bugs. For further information we advice you to wait for more updates given by the Admin.

Adding Bonus Socket Option
All Players know that ZhyperMu were having trouble these past few days on mounting socket because of the bonus socket option and it disappeared. Since season 4 all bonus socket options are bugged, if you mounted a socket last time "Attack Power+11" will automatically appeared on the socketed sets and weapons this was visual bug and the effect was not actually working...

The good news was ZhyperMu already fixed it and now working fine. The players need to do is to follow the exact arrangement of the elements and method when mounting seed sphere for the players to be able to get the Bonus Socket Option. But there is a chance of getting failure even if you put the exact arrangement.

On sets


On weapons


Socket Package Option(SAMPLE):

NOTE: When it fails, The BONUS SOCKET OPTION will not appear. Success rate is only 30% when mounting. Player must also follow the arrangement of the seed sphere element.

Source Link: http://www.muonline.biz/zhyper/showthread.php?425027-Adding-Bonus-Socket-Option

GFX Team Updates

On 4 July,2015 Lead Moderator Syche announced that due to hectic life schedule Head Gfx Artist JMarion resigned.As JMarion's successor Java is chosen to be new HGfx Artist.Updates didn't stoped here,Lead Moderator Syche also announced that Test Gfx Artist Assasin completed his time with success and become Full Gfx Artist from now on.

On 11 July,2015 Lead Moderator Lieu announced that Jay. and ImbaHabib would join Gfx Team as Test Gfx Artists. They are not stranger to us,we have seen their works time to time at museum and the events they join.We wish them luck for their test period.

It has been an eventfull month for Gfx Team and I believe that the best side of following Gfx Department is ;we can see all artists' evulation from start to end.It's an evidence of how dedication and hard work make them something else.I always find it fascinating to watch.We wish Gfx Team luck for their future projects.We are really lucky to have a lot of talented artist in our forum now,without them forum would be a boring colorless place!

Game Master Team Updates
It has been uneventfull month for Game Master Team.We just saw two updates about seniors and that was all.

On 4 July,2015 Head Game Master Ace announced that Head Game Master Yong was removed due to inactivity.We thank him for the service he given to us and wish him good luck in his real life.

Second update came on 19 July,2015 by Head Game Master Ace again. He announced that Head Game Master iCharlon would take 2 week leave due to his new job's training. We wish iCharlon good luck on his training.

It seems like seniors having hard time in their real life.I believe that this situation will show us how Head Game Masters Seravy and Ace will handle the extra job. Maybe it is a chance for Game Master Team to work more closer and create strong bonds between each other again.I hope that this will make the team stronger than ever!

Moderator Team Updates
This month following moderator team was like a following a hurricane.There has been a lot of updates and currently we have a lot of test moderators that i am sure if they decide create an army they can make a revulation and get the control of whole team!

On 6 July,2015 Lead Moderator Syche announced that Full Moderator Lucho and Tanashiri are back to duty while Full Moderator Jhem is taking 2 weeks leave however this was not end of the update.Since forum needs more patrols to watch over Lead Moderator Syche added new batch of Test Moderators :Dawang Peace, .iKeNShiNx ,Hueso. and Nyssa.

On 22 July,2015 Lead Moderator Wormie announced that Full Moderator Lucho is resigned due to his real life problems while Test Moderator Dawang Peace removed due to inactivity,as in addition Ciri would join latest Test Moderator batch.

We will see how many of the latest Test Moderators would survive from training period,wish them good luck!

Journalist Team Updates
On 10 July,2015 Lead Moderator Lieu announced that Journalists .Mesh and NicoXD are resigned due to their hectic real life schedule.We wish them good luck and thank them for the service they given to us.

From the start of Journalist Team as a support group it has been very hard to find solid journalists who will write creative articles and serve for long time.Even it has been created as a support group and journalists don't hold any specific powers like moderators do,it is still important group for our forum.I would like to invite everyone to join creation process by sending poems,stories or articles to any journalist you would like to.Writing articles in English specially if it's not your native language might seem so hard and long process but it has advantages too.By writing an article you will learn something new everyday.I think this gain is more important than having tools or having "staff" status.Also your articles would add a new color to our newspaper

CM Official Leave
Community Manager Mishel announced that she is taking leave for 2-3 weeks because of her pregnancy.On July 02 ,2015 She announced that after 20 hours of long labor her little angel Lois Marceline was born.The little angel looks cute and most importantly she is healthy! We wish them to spend their life together in happiness.

Meanwhile forumers named little Marceline as little CM,she became forum's new mascot from the day one.Seems like a new community manager coming don't you think?!

Items Equivalent
1 Soul 2 Bless
1 JOH 1 Soul
2 Gemstones 1 Soul
1 JOL 1 soul
1 Jewel of Creation 1 Soul
1 Jewel of Chaos 3 Souls
1 Black Pet 220 - 280 JOH (range)
1 Black Pet 200 - 250 HRS (range)
1 Black Pet 200 - 600 Souls (range)
1 Black Pet 4 - 6 ECATS
1 Black Pet 1 Full Trade TCA
Panda Pet 1 - 2 Black Pet
Skeleton Pet 2 Black Pets
Unicorn 7 - 8 Black Pets
1 Red Pet Black Pet + Souls/ 2 BLack Pets
1 Blue Pet 500-600 Souls/ 2 Black Pet
1 Gold Pet 10 - 11 Black Pets
1 FT of SOL 4 - 5 Black Pets (range)
20 Cash Points 18 - 20 Black Pets (range)
30 Cash Points 25 -28 Black Pets (range)
1 SS+5 3- 4 Black Pets (range)
Errtel Rank 3 +10 (in pvp) 20 - 22 Black Pets (range)
Errtel Rank 3 +10 (in raids) 4 - 6 Black Pets (range)
FT ECAT 4 - 5 Black Pets (range)
Scroll+15 4Slots(Any Element) 150 - 180 Black Pets
Entramu+9 3 slots 7 - 8 Black Pets
Muren Book+13 3 slots 14 Black Pets
1 SS5 (empty) 1 Black Pet
Mini Wing+15 1 - 2 Black Pets
3rd Wing+15 3option 7 - 8 Black Pets
3rd Wing+15 2option 2 - 4 Black Pets

Personally i hate watching tv, i don't think going to cinema is good idea.Shortly i am quite dull and i have zero cinema culture.

One day i was bored again and whinning about my sorry life then my sister in law and my husband offer me a cinema night.Before we start watching; i complained about how boring it will be and stuff,anyway i lost ,they won and we start watching film.This film was highly amusing and really make me think about God's job , the way i treated people around me , the way i take it all for garanted.It also remind me the workers who whinning about their job , the way their boss doing business and accuse him/her as not doing good job and also remind me that the way people whinning here about current staffs incompeteness.

Don't you think it is so funny when there is a thing to talk bad about we can find as much as people we want but when someone promoted/do something good we take it as a normal event -as it should be?

So in the end what i learned from this film :

-Never mess with a person because he/she looks like a loser or not strong enough to fight with you ,because you know even you are a gang member if the person who you messed is a "Bruce" ; your butt might not be safe.(God save us from the monkeys which comes out from the butthole)

-We don't really know what we want , it takes more time to know than we think.

-We should try to emphaty more instead of wanting something more for "ourselves".

-Things are not as easy as they seems. You might think the job easy and can be done even by a kid, but most of the time it seems like you think that because that person who you think bad at the job making it easy for everyone.

-Jim Carrey is an awesome actor and not every film is garbage.

I think if you didnt watch this film you should try it, you won't be disappointed,if you watched it already lets hear what you think about it :)


I like reading very much,i try as many as different kind books possible when i have enough time.Since my life was so hectic lately and i feel like i cannot breath anymore i used some of my free time for myself and picked a book.

I did not read Robert Greene's any book before ,when i see this book's name i think that it is a silly book.Personally i do not take serious that self -help books,they mostly talk about same thing again and again,mostly waste of time/money.I decide to take this book after i saw some of critism about it.

According to book winning some power is not the deal , real deal is keeping it forever.Robert Greene thinks that there is 48 law which will help us to do that here is the list :

LAW 1) Never outshine the master
LAW 2) Never put too much trust in friends, learn how to use enemies
LAW 3) Conceal your intentions
LAW 4) Always say less than necessary
LAW 5) So much depends on reputation --- guard it with your life!
LAW 6) Court attention at all cost
LAW 7) Get others to do the work for you, but always take the credit!
LAW 8) Make other people come to you --- use bait if necessary!
LAW 9) Win through your actions, never through argument
LAW 10) Infection --- avoid the unhappy and unlucky
LAW 11) Learn to keep people dependent on you
LAW 12) Use selective honesty and generosity to disarm your victim
LAW 13) When asking for help, appeal to people's self-interest, never to their mercy or gratitude
LAW 14) Pose as a friend, work as a spy
LAW 15) Crush your enemy totally!
LAW 16) Use absence to increase respect and honor
LAW 17) Keep others in suspended terror --- cultivate an air of unpredictability!
LAW 18) Do not build fortresses to protect yourself --- isolation is dangerous!
LAW 19) Know who you are dealing with --- do not offend the wrong person
LAW 20) Do not commit to anyone
LAW 21) Play a sucker to catch a sucker --- seem dumber than your mark
LAW 22) Use the surrender tactic --- transform weakness into power!
LAW 23) Concentrate your forces
LAW 24) Play the perfect courtier
LAW 25) Re-create your life!
LAW 26) Keep your hands clean
LAW 27) Play on people's need to believe to create a cultlike following
LAW 28) Enter action with boldness
LAW 29) Plan all the way to the end
LAW 30) Make your accomplishments seem effortless
LAW 31) Control the options --- get others to play with the cards you deal
LAW 32) Play to people's fantasies
LAW 33) Discover each employee's thumbscrew!
LAW 34) Be royal in your own fashion --- act like a king or queen to be treated like one!
LAW 35) Master the art of timing
LAW 36) Disdain things you cannot have --- ignoring them is the best revenge!
LAW 37) Create compelling spectacles
LAW 38) Think as you like but behave like others
LAW 39) Stir up waters to catch fish!
LAW 40) Despise the free lunch
LAW 41) Avoid stepping into a great man's shoes
LAW 42) Strike the shephere and the sheep will scatter
LAW 43) Work on the hearts and minds of others!
LAW 44) Disarm and infuriate with the "mirror effect"
LAW 45) Preach the need for change, but never reform too much at once!
LAW 46) Never appear too perfect! --- Only gods and the dead can seem perfect with impunity!
LAW 47) Do not go past the mark you aimed for --- in victory, learn when to stop!
LAW 48) Assume formlessness!
At the end i decide that being powerfull and keeping that kind power is not for me. If being powerfull is what Robert Greene saying like i prefer stay the way i am.I know that without hard working we can not win anything , but according this book it's more about politics than hard work - which i am not agree of.Some of the laws making sense but it was simply not enough to make me take this book seriously. So it was interesting to read while it lasted but i don't think i will turn this book after sometime to read again.

It has the humour which will make you laugh
It has the emotions which will make you cry
It has tried to show bit and pieces of life
And ofcourse of the average student plight
It has shown the importance to go with your heart
And took a caution efforts not to hurt anyone apart
Importance of simplicity is much more than money
Life, feelings and emotions are important and really not funny
Interest and Happiness go hand in hand
This is very true, follow it and success will be in your land
I have seen all in this wonderful movie
Kudos to all for their efforts in making a meaningful movie
I will give 100% to the movie called 3 idiots
And would advise all to go see and be an idiot
It is a free advise surely for you all
Follow it or leave it, it is your call

S.O.T.W #228 Winner

Creator: Natal
Prize: 200 Credit Points
SOTW Winner Tag
Work posted in Hall of Fame.

S.O.T.W #229 Winner

Creator: .Azumi
Prize: 200 Credit Points
SOTW Winner Tag
Work posted in Hall of Fame.

Lead Journalist / Event and Title Template Creator
ZhyperMU Journalis t/ Writer / Event Coordinator
ZhyperMU Journalist / Writer


¬ News & Announcements 8 September, 2015
The Zhyperian Community News
¬ News & Announcements 24 April, 2015
HTML Editor - Full Version

Greeting Zhyperian!
The Journalist Team will like to present to you The Zhyperian March and April Issue 2015.
Happy Reading Everyone!

Truly yours,

The Zhyper Journalist Team

Summer is the hottest of the four temperate seasons, falling between spring and autumn. At the summer solstice, the days are longest and the nights are shortest, with day-length decreasing as the season progresses after the solstice. The date of the beginning of summer varies according to climate, tradition and culture, but when it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere, and vice versa.

Lately, the three servers (ZhyperMU, GrudgeMU, and FortressMU) of our Administrator Nocturnal held a “Grand Eyeball 2015” which is overnight swimming at Jay-Ar Beach Resort, Lobo, Batangas City. The respective coordinators, HGM Seravy and CM Mishel for ZhyperMU, HGM Hestia for GrudgeMU, and Admin Whinous for FortressMU gathered their dedicated players to join in this kind of occasion.

Lots of events and prizes were held and given by our seniors. Foods and transportation was taken all by Nocturnal to guarantee the presence of players who will join. The raffle held for those who joined the Grand Eyeball was exciting. 5 Full Pentagram, 5 Tier2 sets of choice, and 60 Cash points, are the prizes for those who attend the GEB.

This special occasion is only organized once a year to expand the bonding of the three big servers in MU Community and to have fun before the summer ends. Summer is the time where you can enjoy your vacation but do not forget to spend it with your friends, family, or relatives under the sun


You’re excited to open your Desktop because you have a new Set to test, let’s say you got a new Full Option Hegaton or Meters (you got it for free). After clicking the Green Client the ZhyperMU client began to patch, you are happy because you know there will be updates about cheats and hax being blocked in the server.

However, after the patch, you are beginning to experience some difficulties. The Game Start is not glowing so you tried to re-open again, after re opening for the tenth time, FINALLY! The game start is glowing; you click it, it loads and when you are about to choose a server BOOM! You got disconnected and out of nowhere you browser appeared with MU Guard error 017 written on it.

Are you just out of luck or the Game is totally trolling you? Don’t worry you’re not alone though…

“hi. which is then loque I have to do to solve the problem of ( MuGuard - Case 017 ) ? and I have 3 days to the problem D: is there any solution? i need help. and try everything.”

I bet he almost tried shaking his monitor.

“Anyone i need your help, specially the gm's here. I still can't play the game, "muguard error 017" keeps popping up, i already do some steps on fixing this problem such us, running cc cleaner, closing all apps, re-installing the game, restarting my pc, my computer properties etc, i even do scanning my pc to check if there is a virus or something. But it's still not working. Help me please :(((“

Likewise this player is also pleading for help, “I tried a lot of times restarting my PC, a lot of times trying to connect in game, still doesn't work. until now I cant access the game! please help what should I do?”

This sucks, we all know that. We badly want to play but the game is not letting us. The admins are trying to resolve the problem though. The patch had blocked something that is maybe not that harmful. Who knows?

Some tried to Re Install or Re Download the game and it works for them, better try it also. Some said that closing all you application, resetting your internet connection also worked. But if it doesn’t work for you, don’t ever! DON’T EVER!!! I meant it! Don’t ever quit the game. Let’s just be patient and wait for the admin to fix this. I myself is also experiencing this crap.

For now let’s just enjoy our forum life and wait for an update.

Having this title has its own definition depends on how the player handled it. Very Important Person or let just say VIP access. This person must have a valuable access that is limited to all users/players In maps, experience, and drop of items. To gain this kind of title, you must work hard for it or by donating to our server.

Last month, the most shocked news released. Our Head Game Master iReject announced about the Black pets to VIP access service, where you will pay twenty-five of pets to gather a fifteen days of VIP access. This was only opened for 10 lucky players who will be picking by the randomizer app.

Small number of players decided to join to this kind of event, they might be nervous to release some of their resources to meet the requirements, but others were not. This event is only for that day and there is no anouncement if it will be open again to public or not.

VIP Access has its own necessities and benefits compared to the normal individual. Having special treatment is terms of dropped items and experiences are belong to this special access. Also in upgrading some items has a high rate of chance to upgrade it without disappearing it.

Because Full Option trading is being being opened nowadays, VIP subscription in game became more in demand. People who are capable enough to donate for the subscription used their advantages to actually sell it in game. Somehow it will go like this, the VIP Sub seller would ask for an item or numbers of pets that is equivalent to the price of the subscription. Once they have agreed on the same price the seller would donate for it.

However, due to this process of marketing VIP Subs, the Administrators decided to turn it down because of the high number of fraud donation they have been receiving. For now VIP subscription in game can only be attainable if you yourself donated for it or by the use of your VIP Points which you can acquire by voting.

Likewise, Full Stat Character Subscription is still not available and Administrators still don't have any announcement regarding if when will it be available again. For now for all those players who had new character, it might be boring and time consuming but you have to level it up manually and reset it.

There are people who are taking advantages on this issue so beware, don't let them fool you and always be reminded that what ever items is being taken due to scamming or whatsoever there is a little chance of getting it back. So be careful of your actions and always check our Forum Community for more Game and Miscellaneous Updates.

Happy gaming Everyone!

Items Equivalent
1 Soul 2 Bless
1 JOH 1 Soul
2 Gemstones 1 Soul
1 JOL 1 soul
1 Jewel of Creation 1 Soul
1 Jewel of Chaos 3 Souls
1 Black Pet 220 - 280 JOH (range)
1 Black Pet 200 - 250 HRS (range)
1 Black Pet 200 - 600 Souls (range)
1 Black Pet 4 - 6 ECATS
1 Black Pet 1 Full Trade TCA
Panda Pet 1 - 2 Black Pet
Skeleton Pet 2 Black Pets
Unicorn 7 - 8 Black Pets
1 Red Pet Black Pet + Souls/ 2 BLack Pets
1 Blue Pet 500-600 Souls/ 2 Black Pet
1 Gold Pet 10 - 11 Black Pets
1 FT of SOL 4 - 5 Black Pets (range)
20 Cash Points 18 - 20 Black Pets (range)
30 Cash Points 25 -28 Black Pets (range)
1 SS+5 3- 4 Black Pets (range)
Errtel Rank 3 +10 (in pvp) 20 - 22 Black Pets (range)
Errtel Rank 3 +10 (in raids) 4 - 6 Black Pets (range)
FT ECAT 4 - 5 Black Pets (range)
Scroll+15 4Slots(Any Element) 150 - 180 Black Pets
Entramu+9 3 slots 7 - 8 Black Pets
Muren Book+13 3 slots 14 Black Pets
1 SS5 (empty) 1 Black Pet
Mini Wing+15 1 - 2 Black Pets
3rd Wing+15 3option 7 - 8 Black Pets
3rd Wing+15 2option 2 - 4 Black Pets

On March 6, 2015, Head Game Master Seravy announced the comeback of ex Game master Nightmare and sexy Rose to serve once again ZhyperMu community as a Full Game Master. ZhyperMu gives this two old staff member a warm welcome to once serve ZhyperMu Community again.

In addition to the announcement test game master .Chivas/xRegal already passed his training as a test game master and will be serving ZhyperMu Community as a Full Game Master. ZhyperMu Community wishing that .Chivas/xRegal will be fully active in his new tasks.

As part of March 6, 2015 update ZhyperMu Community Congratulated the newly promoted test game master W A Y N E / iBruce , YaRiyaaal / Riyal , Dryce / Dryce. ZhyperMu Community hoping that this 3 newly promoted test game master will past their test and soon to become a full game master.Another information for our beloved head game master Seravy, Game Master Team Leader RockyRoad and Test Game Master .OBEY
resigned from their respective positions. ZhyperMu Community giving RockyRoad and .OBEY a good luck to their personal life.

Also on March 6, 2015, Community Manager Mishel announced that Head Game Master Kimashi (Ochiru in-game) will be relieved from his position due to hectic real life schedule. ZhyperMu Community wishing Kimashi a good lock to his personal life.

Another announcement from ZhyperMu Community Manager on March 7,2015 Game Master Team Leader Ace will be gone under a test period as Test Head Game Master until Ace proves that he deserves to be in Senior Line. ZhyperMu Community looking forward for his greatness in his new tasks.

On March 8, 2015 as a replacement to zhypermu newly promoted Test Head Game Master Ace, Game Master Emperor will now serve ZhyperMu Community as a Game Master Team Leader. ZhyperMu Community waiting for EMPEROR to show his excellent talent with his new tasks.

As again for searching for more applicants to serve ZhyperMu Community as a Test Game Master, these March 14, 2015, Test Head Game Master Ace announced the new batch of test game master ZiomX / ZiomXi , amuskol / Amuskol ,Wolfie / Wolfish , andiT.synTax / iSyntaxx . ZhyperMu Community are willing to wait what these newly promoted test game master would do to help ZhyperMu Community More productive. 

Another Information from our Test Head Game Master Ace that ex Game Master e.gbOy / egb0Y will be back on the Game Master team to serve ZhyperMu again.

In Summary of ZhyperMu Community, ZhyperMu Community want to welcome back the ex game master that coming back again to serve and help ZhyperMu Community. Also Want to congratulate the newly promoted Test Head Game Master, Game Master Team Leader, Game Master and Test Game Master.

From Now, application for Test Game Master was closed and it will be open again when Team Game Master needed more Man Power.

To Check the Updated Game Master Member kindly check this section in our beloved forum (http://www.muonline.biz/zhyper/showt...In-game-status )


This month of April 2015 there is been a major step down of staffs from the Moderator Seniors to Test Game Masters.

Two of the greatest Lead Moderators, Ambassador and Firefox decided to leave their positions due their real lives hectic schedules. Our Ambassador is somehow adjusting to his Manila life and new work, likewise, our FireFox is also busy with his real life tasks. The ZhyperMU community is thankful for their long time services, they are been such a great helped honing and shaping the community. 

Meanwhile, large number of Game Masters have decided to resign also due to their real life issues.

From GMTL ColaXCola, who has been experiencing PC problems to iMew, Dryce and Rose. This Game Masters have some real life issues to attend to. While TGM iT.synTax has to give up his test period due to his studies. Again The ZhyperMU Community is thankful for the services they have rendered. 

In order to aid the loss of Staff members, sEanTEE and .Eli have decided to again serve as moderators. Also, the HGMs have decided to re-open the TGM Recruitment for those aspiring players who want to serve the community.

For those remaining staff, the community is glad for your ongoing services. However, real life is more important, if there comes a time that you guys have some errands to run, the community will always understand your reasons for stepping down and will always welcome you if you are willing to serve again.


Signature of the Week (SOTW) #203 - Super Hero

Creator: WERDNA




Download the Word Search Image and find all the names of swords that you have encountered in-game. Edit the image and encircle the words using MS Paint or any Image Editing Program then upload it intowww.tinypic.com orwww.imageshack.com

1. You need to create a thread here CONTRIBUTION HALL with a title "NPC Search Puzzle_Forum name".
2. It must follow a correct format:


Forum Name:


Edited Image: (Your answer to the given problem)

3. Make sure to put your forum name upper right to avoid ripping of answers.
4. Staffs/Support staff are not allowed to join.
5. Minimum of 50 post counts to join
6. No spamming or creating double thread. Once it is submitted it is enough already.
7. No copying of entries and if found you will be DQ.
8. Failure to follow the rules above mention is equal to DQ.

Prize will depend on the difficulty of the given problem.
Easy - 150 credit points
Medium - 200 credit points
Hard - 300 credit points

"Answer it with RED Straight Line ONLY"

This Month's Word Search Puzzle
Difficulty: Medium



Hello Awesome Zhyperians!
I got a Game For You!
All you have to do is spot the TEN Different things in the Photo.
This is Easy I assure you.


How to do it?
Encircle the items that made it different.

How to submit it?


Submit your entry to @.Eli By Personal Message
Forum Name

How to win:


The Player who have the most Items encircled Wins!
The First Player who send his entry with 10 found items wins.

Prize would be:
250 Credit Points


ZhyperMU February Community News!
¬ News & Announcements 5 March, 2015
HTML Editor - Full Version

Greetings ZhyperMU Forum User and Players,

We present to you The Zhyperian February Issue 2015.
Enjoy reading and good luck on answering the puzzles.

Truly yours,
ZhyperMU Journalist Team


March 01, 2015, the GFX Request Zone Rules is once again updated due to the decision of the new head of the said staff team.

As we can all remember the rules was changed by the previous HGFX .Avin to try a new technique to make the requesting easier, more organized and equally distributed among the member of the team. However, it seems like people are not that happy about it and the new GFX leader JMarion decided to bring back the old rules but refining it at the same time.

“**** and who made the rule when you request in one gfxers that you cant request in the others thread for the same month? Like wtf.” said by a handsome VIP.

In accordance to his statement an ex member of GFX team also said, “I like the 2 gfxer per request and the people who request can choose not pick a gfxer and see how they did. What if only all person want Cyrus work only, what happened to the others?”

Both of them have a point, the previous rule also have downsides. People will surely fill up the request zone of those GFXer that they think are pro until it the thread reaches its limit, 10 request per GFX thread. In which the rest of the GFX team thread will just be filled up due to this instances. But, in the other way around, this can also help all the gfx members to actually reach their quota all at the same time. In which, all of them will work their guts off whether they like it or not because they have equal requests to attend to, unlike before each of them need to compete to a request.

“Come on **** remember the GFX rules back in the day :D its was much better than now! -_- you even made some of the rules.”

“ Yeah I made some revisions for the sake of good service, what happen now? I aint that updated in the forum.” replied by an ex HGFX.

Because the changed rules failed to satisfy and meet the sake of good service, HGFX JMarion decided to bring back the old rules. Which you can all now freely request for your forum gears with the same process used before. But be careful in requesting because the GFX team may not grant it, be sure to read and follow the given rules in order for your request to be granted.

Gifteh pls. :)



Conflicts are really frustrating especially if you need to do something important. There will be hindrances if conflicts occur, like delays on scheduled tasks, lost of important documentation and many more. To reduce or prevent this kind of difficulty, try to think a new process that will not affect them, or finishing your assigned tasks as soon as you can.

Lately, our Head Game Master Reject announced about some issues regarding the Webshop and Blacksmith. If you put a yellow option to one item through blacksmith, your items will be lost or will be replace a fragile one. Before all players can experience the same thing, our Administrator Nocturnal, already disabled them to prevent loss of item and other reports.

Bugs might be everywhere in the entire cyber world, it exist anytime and anywhere, but bugs can be prevented if the Administrators find out about it earlier before any conflict occurs.

Keeping an eye to one mistake will not only improve the game but also invite more people to try and play the game.



On February 2, 2015, HGM Yong announced that the newly recruited Test Game Masters COMMANDER/iConnorand and BookMark/Omellete has to step down from their positions due to lack of time in serving our community for they have to focus more in school stuff.

In addition due to lack of time and unexplained inactivities, sad to say that Simca/iSiMCa is been removed from the Game Master Team.

ZhyperMu wants to thank COMMANDER/iConnorand, BookMark/Omellete and Simca/iSiMCa for serving this community in their own ways, and we wish them a good luck!

Meanwhile last February 7, 2015, HGM Seravy announced the promotion of the other Test game master that will served now as Full Game Masters. They are Anastasius and Phenolic.

ZhyperMu gives goodluck to the new tasks of this two newly promoted Full Game Master.

And now GM Team still needs more man power. They lack staffs who can actually serve the server more often. Some TGM cannot handle the tasks given to them also the pressure that they needed to pass the test periods.

On this Day Forward ZhyperMu has 3GMTL'S,1DGM,4GM, and 2TGM'S.




ZhyperMu Community have noticed that this February there are not much updates regarding the Moderator Team.

This February 14, 2015, Lead Moderator .Sorata informed that our Moderator Ninja decided to step down from his position due to his hectic work schedule. And he would like to spend his free time on his social life.

ZhyperMu thank you for your service you have contributed to the community and we wish you all the best.

ZhyperMu give an excellence appreciation to the Moderator Team. As they are doing the task's well. And being always active to ZhyperMu forum.





Due to Lack of Man power the Journalist Team decided to hire another aspiring writer to serve the community with the team.

On February 11, 2015, Lead Journalist/Lead Moderator Ambassador inform our community that BtngsLOCK has been appointed as Journalist Writer and will be contributing for the February project. ZhyperMU community will give him full support that hopefully would motivate him on making impact on the over all writing quality and prudence of the monthly issues.

After a warm welcome to BtngsLOCK, Journalist Writer Faiths has decided to relieve himself from the Journalism Team due to his immediate and urgent need on attending with his studies and other personal matters. Faiths will be back as soon as he is free from any hindrances.

ZhyperMu thank Faith for his unmatched dedication and devotion for the Journalism Team that even portions of his most needed time for personal matters was sacrificed solely for his passion in writing.

In Addition, Journalist Writer Lyn this time, one of the good contributors of The Zhyperian issues in the past, is released from the Journalism Team due to lack of activity where J-Team hoped to witness more of her good works, however, there must be good reasons for her inactivity.

ZhyperMU wants to Thank Lyn for her interest in writing, your good works will always remain.

The ZhyperMU Journalist Team would like to apologize for the late release of the issue to lack of man power and would love to encourage more ZhyperMu Players to join the team if they are interested on serving the community by writing.



Due to the unexpected malfunctioning of the server game and forum, players as well as staff members are having a hard time performing their tasks or duties and many more.

Suddenly, the forum is inaccessible, you cannot post or even open threads. Even the staff members are having a tough time accessing the forum to check for updates and to do their everyday tasks.

It is also hard to go in game, it is not connecting and you are stuck at the connecting screen.

This stuff is such a pain in the a**! People are also not educated to what have caused this hindrances, there is no update regarding this.

In order to aid the incident Admin Nocturnal had once again re opened the Full Option and 4 Option trading at the VIP server. Players can now enjoy selling and buying the FO items of their dreams, but they must be VIP in game to allow them to trade stuff.

However, Full Stat character service is being suspended both in Stand Alone and Hardcore Tag Bundle, this is caused by the down time of the character editing panel. Such panels are only accessible by the Admin, Community Manager and Head Game Masters.

There is no exact date on when the said subscription will be re open again. Players must be patient and understandable enough to avoid conflicts or issues between them and the administrators.

Items Equivalent
1 Soul 2 Bless
1 JOH 1 Soul
2 Gemstones 1 Soul
1 JOL 1 soul
1 Jewel of Creation 1 Soul
1 Jewel of Chaos 3 Souls
1 Black Pet 220 - 280 JOH (range)
1 Black Pet 200 - 250 HRS (range)
1 Black Pet 200 - 600 Souls (range)
1 Black Pet 4 - 6 ECATS
1 Black Pet 1 Full Trade TCA
Panda Pet 1 - 2 Black Pet
Skeleton Pet 2 Black Pets
Unicorn 7 - 8 Black Pets
1 Red Pet Black Pet + Souls/ 2 BLack Pets
1 Blue Pet 500-600 Souls/ 2 Black Pet
1 Gold Pet 10 - 11 Black Pets
1 FT of SOL 4 - 5 Black Pets (range)
20 Cash Points 18 - 20 Black Pets (range)
30 Cash Points 25 -28 Black Pets (range)
1 SS+5 3- 4 Black Pets (range)
Errtel Rank 3 +10 (in pvp) 20 - 22 Black Pets (range)
Errtel Rank 3 +10 (in raids) 4 - 6 Black Pets (range)
FT ECAT 4 - 5 Black Pets (range)
Scroll+15 4Slots(Any Element) 150 - 180 Black Pets
Entramu+9 3 slots 7 - 8 Black Pets
Muren Book+13 3 slots 14 Black Pets
1 SS5 (empty) 1 Black Pet
Mini Wing+15 1 - 2 Black Pets
3rd Wing+15 3option 7 - 8 Black Pets
3rd Wing+15 2option 2 - 4 Black Pets

The butterflies are floating through the air.
The grass is green,
the flowers are pink,
and the trees are tall.
As the wind whistles through my body and hair,
I let life pass me by.
As time ticks and the clock goes by,
the flowers, grass and trees grow taller as life passes me by.
And I dream of floating right on the sky.
But now it's time to stop dreaming,
and wake up to a hot summer day.


Graduation Day is the climax of a dream.
A parental dream that began when a child is born,
And their hope come true it would seem,
A triumph held after periods of forlorn,
A feeling of pride and euphoria years away
For a daughter or son - Graduation Day.

It is a peak of success for the graduate,
Not only for the graduate but parents too.
A joyful event after many years they had to wait,
Realizing the glorious thrill of a dream come true,
A genuine smile accompanied by a deep sigh,
Often a handkerchief in hand as the class goes by.

Graduation is a deserving, hard earned goal
With mortarboard and gown as foretold,
A gratifying service of the mind and soul
In a simple and beautiful sheepskin told
That the graduate fulfilled the educational rule.
At last, for the mother and father, a dream come true.
Graduation Day!

1. Glow-in-the-dark bubbles. If you feel like you go through bubbles by the gallon over the summer, try making your own. Mom.me shared a collection of super-easy DIY bubble recipes -- including one that makes your bubbles glow in the dark!


2. Simon Says... ART. You remember the classic "Simon Says" game of instructions for kids, right? Just give it a new artistic spin for rainy day fun. Think Simon Says... draw a squiggly line with yellow paint. Or Simon Says... make a circle with a blue crayon. The possibilities are endless.


3. Rediscover your local library. Sign the kids up for a summer reading club and keep the children's library schedule of activities on your fridge to keep track of story hours, classes and performances throughout the summer. Bonus: It's air-conditioned -- and most activities are probably free. All Things Fadra suggests a multimedia visit: "I usually include trips to the library where we can pick out a mix of books, DVDs, and video games for free. The media stuff helps make it not feel so 'school-like.'"


4. Plant a garden. It's a great way to teach kids about where food comes from, and if they have a stake in growing their own vegetables, chances are they just might eat them. Before you plant, check out Women & Co.'s "5 Ways to Save Money in Your Garden."


5. Cook with kids. Once they've harvested those vegetables that they've grown in their garden, have them help you prepare them for the whole family to enjoy. Little ones can pitch in by mixing sauces and tossing a salad; older kids can help you plan a menu and do some of the cooking.


6. Plan a backyard movie night. April from Mom.me offered this simple, yet brilliant, summer party idea. Hang a drop cloth from some trees, lay out some blankets and pillows on the lawn, pop some popcorn and your backyard becomes a cinematic wonderland. For step-by-step instructions check outhttp://mom.me/playroom/8193-toddler-talk-backyard-movie-party/.


7. Finger knitting. It's easy, inexpensive, and keeps their hands busy. dawnMcAvoy shared this how-to video that will teach kids to master the basics in less than 7 minutes.


8. Leaf art. Bored with finger paint? Jill from Mom It Forward suggests incorporating nature into your kids' palettes by having them collect leaves for their next art project. "You can paint them and make a beautiful picture, or try painting with the leaves as brushes. It's so much fun and the kids get to be messy!"


9. Make new friends. Search Meetup.com for local events in your area, and sign up for alerts from groups that organize kids' events in your neighborhood. Or check out local parenting blogs for event calendars and top activity picks. MommyPoppins.com, for example, offers guides to NYC, NJ, LI, CT, Boston and LA.


10. Go old school. Think back to your childhood memories and how you spent the lazy, hazy days of summer. Sidewalk chalk, Slip 'N Slide, freeze tag, kick the can and catching fireflies never get old. "It's amazing to watch your kids play the way that you used to," shared Kell


Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/women-...b_3654179.html


Mutya and HGM Seravy!

*kiss kiss*

Theme: Soldier
Creator: Jhem

Download the Word Search Image and find all the names of swords that you have encountered in-game. Edit the image and encircle the words using MS Paint or any Image Editing Program then upload it intowww.tinypic.com orwww.imageshack.com.

1. You need to create a thread here CONTRIBUTION HALL with a title "Word Search Puzzle_Forum name".
2. It must follow a correct format:

Forum Name:
Edited Image: (Your answer to the given problem)

3. Make sure to put your forum name upper right to avoid ripping of answers.
4. Staffs/Support staff are not allowed to join.
5. Minimum of 50 post counts to join
6. No spamming or creating double thread. Once it is submitted it is enough already.
7. No copying of entries and if found you will be DQ.
8. Failure to follow the rules above mention is equal to DQ.

Prize will depend on the difficulty of the given problem.
Easy - 150 credit points
Medium - 200 credit points
Hard - 300 credit points

"Answer it with RED Straight Line ONLY"

This Month's Word Search Puzzle

Greetings Everyone!
Let's have a new puzzle event!


How to Play:
Fill out every box by the use of letters of the words needed.
The clue is provided below.
This is like a normal crossword we used to answer in a newspaper.

How to Win:
Submit your entry to: BtngsLOCK
The player who has the most boxes filled out will win the game!

Prize: 300 Credit Points




ZMU/GMU/FMU Grand Eyeball!
¬ News & Announcements 12 February, 2015