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Castle Owner
Castle Siege Battle Starts In
2d 3h 6m 20s
Resets Hall of Fame
1. Casopheia (12,933)
2. keikei (10,044)
3. Dionysos (7,456)
4. CREATIVE (5,246)
5. RoGueRF (3,857)
Guild Rankings
1. THECR0W - 4,404
2. TrIMAGIC - 2,982
3. DiEALONE - 2,059
4. BlueEyez - 1,798
5. TOPNEWS - 1,751
Member Area
Castle Siege
Guild Owner: WARGAMER
Guild Master: Daikazoku
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MuOnline Server

Your journey into MU starts here!

Click for more information of the Killer sets donation.

There has been many request to re open killer sets for donation because some did not have enough funds when the time it was open and others for another reasons. So, We decided to open killer sets donation for 30 days only until May 15 2017.

This is your chance to get your own killer set or gear.


PS: We only accept paypal or money agent for killer donations, Paymentwall is not allowed here because of tax and other expensive fees we cannot accept paymentwall since this is limited time donation only.

Original thread may be found here: Click here!

Click to show more information on the Grand Tournament.

Over the next few months, Zhyper Staff will be hosting a series of tournaments dedicated to finding the best players of each class.
These tournaments will have specific rules and limitations, and will be more focused on stat builds and technique. Full option items will not be used, and each player will only be allowed a limited amount of stats to build their character.

For more information on these tournaments, please visit the forum.
Knight tournament: TBA
Wizard tournament: Click here!
Elf tournament: Click here!
Gladiator tournament: Click here!
Lord tournament: TBA
Summoner tournament: TBA
Fighter tournament: TBA

Click to show more information on Lucky Supporter and Weekend Voter.

Lucky Zhyper Supporter and Weekend Voter are two simple events hosted on the forums where all you have to do is show us that you've voted.
Both events have similar mechanics and run in parallel, meaning you can join both of them for more chances to win. The difference is that Lucky Supporter is a monthly event, while Weekend Voter is a weekly event.
To enter, please register on the forums and look for the events in this section: Click here!

Click to show more information on the Auction House.

The Zhyper Auction House is a new way for those with an abundance of credit point to spend them on more interesting things.
Every time we reach a certain amount of votes on xtremetop100.com, an item or set will be placed up for auction on the forums. Players will then bid on this auctioned item in credit points. At end of the bidding period, the highest bidder will receive that item in exchange for the amount of points he bid with.
The items range from Tier 2 accessories to S7 killer sets if we reach a high number of votes.

Full information on this event can be found here: Click here!

Click to show more information on the Major Events.

Simon Says: Click here!
Amazing Race: Click here!
A Great Race to Tarkan: Click here!
All Class PVP Event: Click here!
Jewels and BOK+5 Drop Event: Click here!
Bring Me: Click here!

Click to show more information on the ZhyperMU Football Association.

There are several leagues around the world for all type of sports, but the most dominant and the one with highest TV ratings is Football(Soccer) so we decided that Zhyper Network should have his own league. Registration > Limit of first 8 Guilds to register save a spot with the fee of 100 credit points per Participants. Minimum of 5 members and 2 substitute.


8 Guilds will join in soccer field using /battlesoccer command 5 Members per guild, but like the NBA / NFL there will be fault calls! Each kill is equal to 1 Fault at 5 Faults you go out and your team will remain playing with the members left until it goes to 0 and whole team gets DQ'd or the match ends, each match will have a Max time of 25 minutes, the guild who Score the most during that time Wins.

The score chart is this:

*Each goal is worth 20 points.
*Each player killed is worth 1 point (available only in PvP servers) (GM Kill 2 Points).
*First team to score 100 points wins (Or the time with more points before the time expires)
* If time expires and both teams are tied, the first one to score a goal wins "Sudden Death"

Since we will have 8 Guilds we can run the eliminations rounds in 2 separated days

Day 1 Group 1 Team 1 vs Team 8 Team 2 vs Team 7

Group 2 Team 3 vs Team 6 Team 5 vs Team 4

Day 2 Semifinals Winner of team 1/ 8 will fight agaisnt the winner of Team 2 / 7 Winner of team 3/ 6 will fight agaisnt the winner of Team 5 / 4

Day 3 Grand Final (Superbowl XXL xD) Team X vs Team X


Each Guild or team has to be 30 minutes before the events starts. 100 Credits Points per participant(if a Team/Guild) has 5 members = 500 and can be paid all togheter or separated *simple math huh*


-Guild cannot have ally (Dummies or side accounts with the purporse of joining the event are allowed)
-No Pets of any kind for any Class incluiding DL
-No Wings
-No Ale
-Only Boots, pants , armor and accesories
-No weapons, No Shields
-If a player gets disconnected the team will have a timeout, a max of 3 full timeouts (3 Mins) per team and 2 Small 20 Seconds Time Out to organize and set stragegy
-Players Can use Buff from others party members.
-No VIP Command
-Only start when GM says GO, if you keep moving or do a kill after a GM Stop = 1 fault

Registration Format

Guild name: Team Name: Team members:


1st Place = 500 Cash Points 2nd Place = 250 Cash Points 3rd Place = 100 Cash Point.

Full information on this event can be found here: Click here!

¬ News & Announcements 16 April, 2017