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Your journey into MU starts here!
¬ News & Announcements 1 December, 2014
October Community News!
¬ News & Announcements 11 November, 2014



The month of October has arrived in the ZhyperMU Community together with a good news regarding our vote goal, which was announced by CM Mishel last October 2, 2014. Isn't it nice to see that almost all ZhyperMU players are voting and supporting the server? Therefore, the Administrator will be glad and pleased of what the Zhyperians are doing. This wonderful start is what will make the community much more bigger and much popular to the other players amongst the MU community. Every vote goal reached has different features to offer, it has player services which can only be open once a number of votes is obtained. 

The community will be able to obtain the promised features once the vote goals are reached. Everyone has a chance to vote every 12 hours duration. It might take a long time before the community reach the desired numbers but it's still worth the wait.Also, mothly event like the [OCTOBER] Lucky ZhyperMU Supporter already started and to be precise, it is an event of who will have the most vote and there will be the winners at the end of the month with different prizes and the' big bad boy' jackpot. You must have to show some screen shots showing that you really did vote for the server and you successfully put the right captcha code. You just won't get credit points through voting but you also have a chance to win the event, which is absolutely fantastic!

Everyone seems to like the vote goal just like in the past and this month would be for sure a very busy month, not just for the staffs but for every members. Hopefully, this month came out to be very successful. If the Zhyperians could keep what they had done for the last few months, the community would probably be able to reach it and everyone would he happy.

Keep on voting and keep the server alive and in return, get great updates from the ZhyperMU Administration.


What makes a good Game Master? 

Game Masters are bound to be the bridge between the Game Administration and the Community Players in-game.They should be knowledgeable of the important aspect of the game to serve those who are in need or have questions. Moreover, they are provided with a special character in-game geared with additional commands to be of assistance to the players. Games Masters never fail to remind people in-game about significant precautions to protect their accounts from getting hack. 

It all starts with an online application. You never have to be the most popular guy or girl to express your desire to join the blue team. As long as you have the time and dedication that you can freely offer to the community, then you're qualified for the job. Basic English knowledge is a must, for it will be the medium of communication all through out. Also, you have to impress the seniors with your answers on your application form.

Applying is the easiest part, staying in the team is the true challenge. You will be required to reach a quota on your duty hours in-game for a certain period of time. Without successfully satisfying the hours might lead to being reprimanded up to dismissal from the team. If you think that the hours you can render for this position may not be enough, then think twice before applying. This is one main reason why some of those who passed as Test Game Maters decide to quit early.

Many have dreamed of being part of this team. Applications after applications just to try their luck and be known in-game. There is no salary once you are hired for this job. Just a blue tag in forum and a special character in-game with a ZMU logo at the top of their head. Once they go online, players will see their names in the global chat . Players will start spamming them with questions and clarifications, some would even ask for items. Another benefit you may get is that your network in-game and in forum will also get bigger. Everyone will be friend with you since you're now part of the game's staff. 

Great responsibilities come with being part of the Staff Team. Once you're part of the circle, then you have to prove your worth for the community's respect and trust. A good leader is a good follower as they said it. The rules in the community should not have any exception. Serve wholeheartedly and in your will to help other people. Help and do not expect anything in return. Use your powers to protect those who are weak and need guidance. Never abuse it just to gain something for your own good. Have a clean conscience, be a role model and lead everyone to the correct path, while enjoying the game.


No more Servers 3 and 5, at least for now. This is what Administrator Nocturnal announced for October, as well as a number of major in-game changes and fixes.

The shutdown of the 2 servers is due to the fact that they are not being populated. Nocturnal said that the resources saved from this initiative will be used to prevent in-game lags. He also promised that these servers will be opened again if needed. This decision was applauded by a majority of players, but there are others who also expressed their concerns. Some players hunt in these servers because they take advantage of less competition for hunting spots. In line with the shutdown, these players will be forced to compete for good hunting grounds, particularly on Servers 1 and 2.

On a separate note, Chaos Goblin has been added to Acheron, beside NPC Adniel. Some players may only see Chaos Goblin and not Adniel. It is because Adniel can only be found in Non-PVP Servers.

Other in-game updates were mainly fixes on Master Level (ML) build, particularly corrections on base damage. There were also fixes on power-up scroll buffs so that their effects will stack on exploit in PVP Last Stand requirement item, on overpowered reflect damage caused by some ML skills, and on Pentagram lost on chaos box and trade. Socket slot options that have duplicates were deleted, and the cheat method that brought this about has also been patched. Auto restore for lost items when character got disconnected after clicking the mix button was optimized, and patch for Gens 3-day bypass using guild has also been released. Moreover, potions, ale, arrows and bolts can now be bought directly from the expanded inventory. Lastly, the price for Blacksmith Yellow Option adding has been lowered to 1 cash point, 30 VIP points or 100 credit points.

Truly, the month of October have experience major game changes, all aims for the betterment of the ZhyperMU gaming experience. Undoubtedly, these are treats and not tricks from the ZhyperMU Staff for this Halloween Season!



Community Manager Mishel released this October the first ZhyperMU Pentagram analysis and PVP guide. This study aims to help players understand the effect of equipping a Pentagram in winning a PVP battle.

The research classifies the Pentagram into 3: Perfect Pentagram, which is max level 4-slot pentagram with max ranked errtels; Semi-Perfect Pentagram, which is max level 4-slot pentagram with low ranked errtels or max level 3-slot pentagram with max ranked errtels; and Low Ranked Pentagram, which is low level pentagram with max or low ranked errtels.

It hypothesizes that with all else being equal, a player's Pentagram will decide who wins or loses a PVP battle. This means if 2 players have the same internet speed, character gear, gaming rig specs, ML Skills build and user style, the one who uses the better Pentagram will be the ultimate victor.

This study predicts the winner on a PVP battle based on Pentagrams used on 5 different scenarios. First scenario claims that if both players have Perfect pentagrams with the same element and same slots, chances of winning is 50%. This 50% win rate is also the same on the second scenario, where both players have Perfect pentagrams with the same element but different slots. Slot combination will be the only other factor that will break this tie. The third scenario is where both players have the same element but one is using a perfect pentagram and the other is using a low ranked pentagram. On this instance, the player with the perfect pentagram will have a 99% chance of winning. 

Scenario 4 is where one is using a perfect pentagram and the opponent is using his strongest element but low ranked pentagram. The player with the perfect pentagram will have a 60% chance of winning. The fifth scenario is where both players have perfect pentagrams but opposing elements. The player with the stronger element "may kill the player having weak element in just one skill away because a single hit comes with all the types of damages that hits the character directly on his HP and SD gauges."

Mishel noted that this study, although done multiple times, may not be accurate. Therefore, the results on these studies should not be taken as facts but merely as a guide.

Most of the ZhyperMU Community is thankful for this analysis. Players are beginning to understand the importance of Pentagram this season. As Quarantine posted, "This guide is useful to all PVP lovers..." However, some players still need further information and clarification on this important item. jaamyana wrote, "still dont understand this pentagram system," and Silvanesty suggested, "I wish you can discuss more on the errtel options and their effects."

Equipping a Pentagram, and more importantly, equipping a Perfect Pentagram, is truly a must this season. It's a fact. With its purple damage buffed up, no player can afford not equipping a Pentagram. However, the sad fact is, even though no player can afford not to have it, not all players can afford to buy it. And to those players, Forumer Keiroo has the best solution, "Need to hunt now."


PVP enthusiast are common on this server. We see this type of players most often in Server 4, either in Atlans 1 or Arena, wherein you can see most of the players having fun doing PK with other players. In line with this, there is an event that will suit them and have fun with PVP mode in-game. This event is called 'Kill the GM Event'.

This event was introduced last year by our former Head Game Master Ret. Event will be opened once we reach 7,000 votes, 8000 votes and 9000 votes every month. We asked some players in forum if they like or dislike the event. Consequently, 9 out of 10 players have said that they like the event with the reason that it is always fun to play especially that there is an interaction with a GM in-game.

Do you have any questions on your mind on how these event goes on? Well, aside from it will be opened when we hit a specific number of votes, the mechanics of this event is simple. Just go to the specific server a Head Game Master will announce on where they will be hosting it. Either they will have it on server 4 or server 5. Also, once the event started in-game, all you need to do is to kill the Game Master in-charge of the event with all your might. Once you have killed the Game Master, you will receive a prize. These prizes includes PvP Guardian tag valid for 1 month and credit points, the number of credit points that will be given will vary depends on the number of votes achieved every month. For example, if the event was hosted when we reach 7,000 votes in the said month the credit points that will be given to the winner would be 1000 credit points, but it still depends to what is stipulated for that monthly vote goal. The winners for this event will be compiled and announced in forum. Do you take the challenge? Stay tuned!


Items Equivalent
1 Soul 2 Bless
1 JOH 1 Soul
2 Gemstones 1 Soul
1 JOL 1 Soul
1 Black Pet 250 - 300 JOH (range)
1 Black Pet 200 - 250 HRS (range)
1 Black Pet 200 - 350 Souls (range)
Panda Pet 1 - 2 Black Pet
1 Red Pet Black Pet + Souls/ 2 BLack Pets
1 Blue Pet 500-600 Souls/ 2 Black Pet
1 Gold Pet 10 Black Pets
1 FT of SOL 4 - 5 Black Pets (range)
20 cash points 16 - 20 Black pets (range)
1 SS+5 4- 5 Black Pets (range)
Errtel Rank 3 +10 (in pvp) 22 - 30 Black Pets (range)
Errtel Rank 3 +10 (in raids) 8 - 15 Black Pets (range)
5-4 ECAT 1 Black Pet
FT ECAT 7 - 8 Black Pets (range)
Muren Book+13 3 slots 16 Black Pets
1 SS5 (empty) 4 Black Pets
3rd Wing+15 3option 7 - 8 Black Pets


On October 3, 2014, Community Manager Mishel made an announcement regarding the resignation of Former Head Game Master Minato. It was a hectic academic schedule that prevents him to do his task in the community forum. As a Head Game Master, their job gets harder and harder due to more subscription and any other forum request that they needed to attend to. It could be much harder if you have a very busy schedule just like Minato.

Minato was indeed a great Game Master of this community, as he knew what his stuffs are and what he has to do as a blue tag holder. His intention, as everyone could visualize from his work, was to help the community and the beloved Zhyperians. He was first recruited by Ms.Diaz [rOxy] back in February 12, 2013 as a Test Game Master (TGM). He was probably recruited as he was really interested and willing to learn new things as a staff in this community. He was then announced as a Full Game Master last March 9, 2013 by showing what he does best.

He remained a Game Master for quite a long time helping the community but the he eventually leave the team due to his personal life issues, however, he suddenly returned last October 1, 2013, which was announced by then HGM Schixxie. On October 21, 2013, there was another announcement about the Game Master Team. A problem again on Minato's schedule came along which made him to be on leave for 9 days and when it was fixed, he returned as a Game Master and was promoted as a Game Master Team Leader, together with current Moderator iReject, who also was once a Head Game Master.

His hard work paid off when he was chosen to be a Test Head Game Master and expected to be on a test period for at least 2 weeks. He managed to pass the test and became a Full Head Game Master. He was serving the community for quite a long time but, it was time to move on and focus on his real life. As a respect for him, the GM Team wished him luck, said their Goodbye’s and thanked him for everything he had done to the team and the community.

On the other hand, there is a good news announced by Head Game Master Cry regarding the GM Team which is about the newly recruit members of the team. They are .PainDonor, Raizen, xPrince, Siege Hart, Ash and iNightRay. They would be under 2 weeks test period and expected to do their tasks the best that they can. They will soon be announced as Full Game Master who will be taking a great responsibility within the in-game community.

The community gave them a warm welcome and wished them good luck. The Game Master Team of ZhyperMU community will continue giving a great service which the members need. Hopefully, the new members will be able to fulfill their tasks and live up to the community’s expectation.


On October 09, 2014, Head Game Master Cry had announced updates regarding who resigned, stepped down, and vacate their positions from the Game Master Team. Staff members are extremely busy these days due to the opening of 3-option, 4-option and Full Option items trading, which excite a lot of players. Game Master Team is helping the Zhyperians as long as they can by assisting them in trades, guiding them in-game and spreading updates or changes about ZhyperMU. Game Masters have different lives and schedule but they make sure that at least one will be available to provide assistance at anytime. 

Firstly, Game Master Team Leader Ma.LourdheZ took a 2 weeks leave from the team because of a personal issue that requires his full attention. It may be a short time of absence but the team is in need of man power. To balanced the team, MrCokie was assigned as a replacement while Ma.LourdheZ is away. Both are great addition to the team and showed a truly remarkable performance in the community. 
Furthermore, Game Master Mitz and xVincent, who have been in the team for a long time, had to also officially stepped down from their position. Internet connection and computer problem are some reasons why they decided to leave. 
Mitz was encountering those problems which hinders him from doing his duty. He also had some family problems which is very important and require his focus. He had written something he wants to happen on his resignation letter, he wanted his position to be filled in by someone who is deserving, and this shown his care for the team. xVincent have similar reasons on his departure.

On October 16, 2014, Game Master Team Leader Nduongdl had decided to resign due to his school activities and internet problems. He's been around the community for a very long time and he managed to be in the staff team, starting as a Test Game Master. He was a great Game Master as well as a person so everyone is thankful on whatever he had contributed to the community. On the Test Game Master update, xPrince was terminated due to lack of activity in forum and time in-game. 

It shows that whether it's in-game or in forum, hard times will occur and that is what some of them wasn't able to manage that results for them to be in a position which they didn't like. To give respect on the services they have rendered, the community had thanked them and wishes them good luck on their journey.




(c) JKClimaco


After being inactive for a couple of months, the GFX Team has been revived and are back on granting request from forum users. The GFX Team is now headed by HGFX .Avin and he ensures unity and communications within the team so they can avoid some circumstances that might lead to another revamp.

This time around, that is not going to happen It is because GFXers nowadays are very active in attending and catering the request of forumers, from signatures to postbit or even forum gears. We also made a survey to know whether forumers are satisfied on the performance of the current GFX Team. Base on the acquired result from 5 forumers, four of them have said that they are satisfied on how the GFX team works in terms of how good their final works are. These requests are free and open to all, however, there are set of guidelines to be followed before requesting so it won't get denied.

We scheduled a 1-on-1 interview with GFX .AziL wherein we will know on what's her secret in order to be a good and effective GFX. She will also share how she overcome those struggles she have experienced while in the team. 

" To be honest, I am not that really sure but I think you just need to be creative enough so you can make forum gears and the one will be requesting will like it.", .Azil answered seriously.

As we go along in our journey, we face hardships and trials. Being in the said position is not that easy. As a staff, you really need to discipline and manage your time well in order to avoid any conflicts that might happen. Moreover, GFX .AziL also shared that she experienced challenges while in the team but once you get used to it, as well as your tasks, you'll be fine.

We also asked her on how she sees herself as a GFXer and what motivates her to do her very best in attending each and every request. She replied " I just always think that i need to do my best to make all the forum user's happy and contented in my works, thus, I'm hoping that someday, I'll be as pro as my co-GFXers". Even though .AziL is already a member of GFX team, that doesn’t stop her from practicing her craft, instead, she continues to discover new things in order for her work to be better and provide forumers a 101% satisfaction on her finish products.

Based on her answers, we can see how dedicated GFX .AziL is on her job. She's one of the most active in their team and she do what she needs to do in order to fulfill her tasks and duties, and provide better service for the community.

Dear Journalists,

This happened when I was 6 years old. When I was young, we lived in my Grand Parent's old house which was rumored to have been built in the 1910's. It was a Two-Story House with Wooden Walls and Floors but not too small for everyone of us. Wooden window's, wooden bath room, no automatic advanced water system but a manual water system pump called "Poso". We were a happy family and a crowded family wherein we live together with my cousins.

One day, I woke up early around 6:30 AM and i plan to do my Daily Routine activities which were to eat first, brush my teeth, then take a bath and play. When i woke up, I immediately went to the Kitchen and eat my favorite food, Milo with Rice. My Cousins were asleep at that time and my mother woke up very early to do the laundry outside. So , it was me alone in the Kitchen and my mother outside the house. I never believed in Ghosts or some other type but I enjoyed listening to the stories my cousins tell me.

It was a cloudy morning and I was still sleepy eating my breakfast. Since it was early in the morning, it was very quiet and my mom is from afar and the Refrigerator is located like 3 meters away from the kitchen table. Then suddenly, a white figure that looked like a lady in white dress appeared right next to the Refrigerator. At first, I thought it was my cousin standing up next to the Refrigerator and just staring blankly just because she just woke up too. But no, it was different. I took a glance at her for like 3-4 seconds then suddenly, I felt like thousands of electricity volts rushed and flooded my whole body. I couldn't move! I couldn't speak, I couldn't shout and I couldn't even turn my head to call my mother. I had tremendous goose bumps running around my body that time. Then I had no choice but to look closely at her. She looked like a normal Lady in White Dress. Her face and dress was clean and she was smiling at me. Her hair was fixed and straight and no reason to be afraid of. For a few seconds like 4-6seconds, i looked at her while she was smiling at me but then i noticed she had no feet! She was floating right in the air! I freaked out and forced myself to turn my head and shout as much as I can to call my mother. It was like you are frozen and couldn't move and you don't know what might happen. I had numerous thoughts running in my head because my cousins usually tell me Such horror stories like when they charge at you, hold your feet, hold you or even kill you. By that time, I was terribly horrified for what she might do to me because I just froze there. But to a surprising point, she just smiled at me and just stood there. So after a few seconds, I finally turned my head and called my mother in a very loud voice "MOoOoommm!!! .Then, after 1-2 seconds, I turned back to her and she was gone.

When my mother had arrived, I was crying and terrified and couldn't eat my breakfast anymore. I told her I saw a White Lady next to the Refrigerator and she was also worried and terrified. I kept looking at the refrigerator and realized that she looked so real. After that moment, I never ate breakfast alone and forced my mother to eat with me. I never listened to my cousin's horror stories anymore because i was just terrified.

Sincerely Yours,
ZMU Moderator



As the years go by, Nocturnal was the only one who saw him. They talked about a lot of things and Jack told him the story of his life. Nocturnal was so generous that he gave Jack a resting place somewhere in Lorencia, and built a mini bar for him. As a return for Nocturnal’s generosity, Jack gave him a ring that can transform any
Every year, the world celebrates a Holiday called "Halloween". A Dragon Knight named Jack is celebrating it annually by means of drinking ale at the Lorencia Bar. As the years go by, he did not know that the more he drinks, the more his life is slipping away. As the intoxicated Jack stumble on his way home, he encountered the Hell Maine and demanded him to come with him to hell because of his evil ways. Jack does not want to die soon, so he convinced the Hell Maine to climb up a nearby tree to pluck him an apple. As the Hell Maine climbed up the tree, Jack carved a Holy Cross on its trunk to prevent the Hell Maine from going down. The angry and deceived Hell Maine asked him to be released from being stuck. But, Jack was so clever start a pact with the Hell Maine. He made him promised that when he passed away, he would not claim his soul. Then, the Hell Maine agreed and Jack set him free.

One year later, it was Halloween Eve when Lumen the Barmaid found Jack dead because of excessive drinking. As his soul separated from his flesh, he went to the Lost Tower 7 to move at Icarus but, he was strictly forbidden to enter the gate, because of his evil habits. Jack was desperate to have a resting place so he tried to enter the Devil Square, but the Hell Maine denied him access because of their previous truce. The Hell Maine gave him a lighted coal that will help him find a resting place. As he travel, he saw a pumpkin that was engraved with a creepy face and he placed the coal inside to light his way through the dark night. Since then, Jack has been roaming around the world with a lantern looking for a place. Later on, the lantern was named after him and called it "Jack O’ Lantern".
one to be like him, a person who has a pumpkin on his head. It was called the Jack O’ Lantern Transformation Ring. Later on, Nocturnal imitated it and spread it to random monsters within the MU continent every time Halloween comes. Lastly, Jack would like to convey a message to the people around the world that do not celebrate a Holiday through drinking too much ale because it is a bad habit that might lead to an unfortunate end.

Why oh Why Mr. Scammer.
You have to take them all.
Left nothing but a shatter,
Such a terrible toll.

You're a good bewitcher,
Who seems to know it all.
I'm the helpless believer
Of your lying festival.

I am now much wiser
On your traps, i will not fall.
Will report you to the seniors,
Watch you suffer 'til your downfall.

SOTW #/Title:# 199 Winner
Theme: Singers/Artists
Artist: JinRiPark 

SOTW #/Title:# 200 Winner
Theme: Specific Render
Artist: Dave

SOTW #/Title:# 201 Winner
Theme: Street Fighter
Artist: JinRiPark

SOTW #/Title:# 202 Winner
Theme: Guitar/Guitarist 
Artist: JinRiPark

So hi fellas i wanna bring you a simple event which is called Sudoku as title says. And in every month there is a corresponding level of difficulty that will posted in every monthly issue with corresponding prize as well. So here are the rules and mechanics of the event.


1. You need to create a thread here CONTRIBUTION HALL with a title "Sudoku Event _ Forum name."

2. It must follow a format following

Forum Name:
Edited Image: (Your answer to the given problem)

3. Make sure to put your forum name upper right to avoid ripping of answers.
4. Staffs/Support staff are not allowed to join.
5. Minimum of 50 post counts to join
6. No spamming or creating double thread. Once it is submitted it is enough already.
7. No copying of entries and if found you will be DQ.
8. Failure to follow the rules above mention is equal to DQ.

Prize will depend on the difficulty of the given problem.

Easy - 100 credit points
Medium 150 credit points
Hard - 200 credit points

This months Sudoku (Medium)


Download the Word Search Image and find all the names of swords that you have encountered in-game. Edit the image and encircle the words using MS Paint or any Image Editing Program then upload it intowww.tinypic.com or www.imageshack.com

1. You need to create a thread here CONTRIBUTION HALL with a title "Sudoku Event _ Forum name".
2. It must follow a correct format:
Forum Name:
Edited Image: (Your answer to the given problem)

3. Make sure to put your forum name upper right to avoid ripping of answers.
4. Staffs/Support staff are not allowed to join.
5. Minimum of 50 post counts to join
6. No spamming or creating double thread. Once it is submitted it is enough already.
7. No copying of entries and if found you will be DQ.
8. Failure to follow the rules above mention is equal to DQ.

Prize will depend on the difficulty of the given problem.
Easy - 150 credit points
Medium - 200 credit points
Hard - 300 credit points

"Answer it with RED Straight Line ONLY"

This Month's Word Search Puzzle
Difficulty: Medium


You are a prisoner who wants freedom but there is a problem, you must find the way out of the maze to be free. 

Mechanics :
You will be given an image of an Maze Puzzle to solve. To sovle it, you must upload the image and answer it with your editing tools using "Red Color". Entries must be posted on a thread that you must create in "Contribution Hall" entitled "Month Maze Puzzle" and the prize for this game will be 300 Credit Points.

Format of Entries :

Forum Name :
Entry/Edited Image :

Rules :

1.) All forum members are allowed
2.) No spamming or double or more threads.
3.) No copying of entries.


Credits to the following:

Launcher and Title Templates
made by: @JMarion

Proofread by
@AudrEy ChLoE and @Atrocity

Articles and Columns
written by: @AudrEy ChLoE, @faithS, @Jizelle, @Mathea, @Yasma, @Anastasius

Special Participation by:
@Altruist, @.AziL and @JKClimaco

Thank you everyone and enjoy reading!!!
-ZhyperMU Journalist 
¬ News & Announcements 19 August, 2014
ZhyperMU Castle Siege Warlords
¬ News & Announcements 6 July, 2014

Zhyperian Magazine June Issue
¬ News & Announcements 5 July, 2014
HTML Editor - Full Version

Our Administrator Nocturnal made some updates in game regarding into our new season as we get used to it from time to time. This updates and fixes need to be done in game so that our gaming experience will be better and to prevent any hassles. He made few updates and fixes in game namely Cash shop tax reduced, Tier 2 Issues to Be Fixed, Discounted Jewel of Bless and Reflection skill reinstated. In order to know more about this updates and fixes in game I will give you some brief explanation and information regarding the matter in order for your questions in mind to be clarifies.

First and foremost, the network owner have announced a great news to the marketers in server 7 regarding selling items in personal store thru cash points. This announcement was made and dully implemented last June 22, 2014, Sunday. And in line with this great news, let it be known to everyone that the tax in VIP Server Cash Shop Personal Store Market System has been reduced by 60%. So this means that the previous tax rate on cash shop personal store will not be already 5% hence it is down now. Indeed a great update and fewer burdens especially to marketers.

Second, recently our players experienced some problems regarding tier 2 sets as of the moment which cannot be traded, put in the store or event put in the vault. This is because Tier 2 items are having bugs that need to be fixed after our server upgrade from Season 6 EP3 to EX702 Plus. So many players are wondering why these things happen and to avoid any misunderstandings our beloved Administrator Nocturnal have finally clear things up regarding Tier 2 items yesterday June 22, 2014, Sunday. He officially announced the problems regarding Tier 2 sets which cannot be traded or moved so all queries about these problems will be answered hence according to him, they are already fixing the issue regarding these matters and patience is highly appreciated for this take some time to be fixed.

Third, The Administrator has announced about the discounted rate of the Jewel of Bless on June 26, 2014, Thursday. He has officially announced the newest rate of our Jewel of Bless in VIP server from 150m down to 100m. This rate is only applied in our VIP server 7 which means that other server from server 1 to server 6 have still the same rate of Jewel of Bless which is 150m. The network owner has reduced the stack of Jewel of Bless in the NPC from pack 10 to 1 so that it will not cost too much when buying Jewel of Bless in the NPC. A great update to our beloved player wherein they buy Jewel of Bless so they can upgrade their items from +13 to +15, heal their pets such as Fenrirs and etc. With this update, Zeny has increased its value in order for our market economy to be stabilized for the near future.
Last June 24, 2014, Tuesday, our beloved Administrator, Nocturnal, have officially announced the Summoner Reflection skill can now be used again after disabling it for a quiet period of time. He has fixed Summoner's reflect damage in order to avoid any bug to this skills which is abused by our players in game especially in guild wars and castle siege. Administrator Nocturnal also said “That we did not have to disable this skill but fixed it’s over powered damage and made it well balanced”. Which means that when he tried to disable the skills it doesn’t mean that he permanently disabled it hence he disabled it so he can fix the skills and avoid any bugs to happen again just like what you’ve heard in game before about bug reflection which is really annoying to other players in game wherein they easily get killed with just a reflect skill. Finally Summoner’s Reflection skill is now fixed and balanced and will not encounter any bugs to this skill anymore.

There are more updates to come so keep on visiting our forum and be updated all the time!




For the past few days June 23, 2014, Monday, our ever Administrator Nocturnal have officially announced that our website ranking including the Most Resets, Top Killers, Gens, Last Man Standing and Guild rankings are now 100% fixed. According to him, the website ranking is now fully optimized and does not lag our database anymore. After a long span of time wherein the website ranking is disabled we are wondering and have it in our mind who is the first in gens ranking now which have into imagining who it is. As additional info, he clearly stated that our Webshop is also underway and will be finished by next month. As of now he is more focusing more on eX702 updates and fixes. And as promised by Nocturnal as long as the Web Shop is already fixed the 5K credit points will be given to all of our beloved players but stay tune to any further announcements to come.

Updates are about IP logging system, Cash Points, Facebook and Website Improvements. He announced that we can now log all IP Address for single account this means we can help you faster with any problem with your account especially from scam and hacking cases. This can be found in our account management wherein we need to log in our account in the website and after logging in click account management below and there you can see the “View last 10 logged in IP". This will enable you to see the last 10 IP of who logged in to your game account and their geo location. And also it is added the last 20 Cash Shop Activities in game wherein you can view your previous transactions regarding cash points. Castle siege info on main index is already putted wherein as you log in your account in our website you will know who the current holder of the castle siege is. Register with Facebook and login with Facebook is also added because this will enable users to register easier and login easier. Facebook Comments on each ranking tab is also added. Let it be known as well that we already have our official Facebook page in order to prevent and avoid any hack cases regarding fake Facebook pages about ZhyperMU. Our official Facebook Community page is: www.facebook.com/zhypernetworks and please do not post or share any account information. Please remember that WE WILL NEVER ASK FOR PASSWORD. Don’t get fooled by scammers impersonating staff and giving reward prizes, i repeat WE NEVER ASK FOR PASSWORD!




The ex700 plus update has just took place and there are a bunch of updates concerning the drop rates of mobs in some particular maps. Starting with the Acheron map, normal monsters in the vicinity of the map has a 10% chance of dropping silver box and spirit map fragment and 30% chance for the VIP players, while the bosses on the map has a 10% chance of dropping golden box and a 30% chance of dropping spirit map fragments and of course for the VIP players they will enjoy a whooping 30% chance drop rate of golden box and 50% chance drop rate for spirit map fragments.

Next is the Crywolf map, there will be a drop rate of 1% for every golden box and key in this map, and a drop rate of 2% in every silver box and key. Spirit map fragments' drop rate were not specified but said that it has a higher drop rate in this map. Devil eye +7 and devil key +7, which were removed from the NPC, will have a high drop rate in this vicinity as per Nocturnal's announcement. Even the ticket to join Chaos Castle and blood bone +8 and blood scroll +8 which are required to make a ticket for Blood Castle were added. Also Nocturnal increased the damage of the mobs for a more thrilling adventure, just a random tip, mobs in Crywolf can also die from reflect so you may just pot and watch as they die on their own cause.

Now to the drops in events, starting with Devil Square. To add more spice in this event, admin decided to add sphere +5 and all the talismans. And to quote the announcement, here is the complete loot table for Devil Square:
"1. Sphere LVL 5 x1 Drop Rate
2. Jewel of Creation x5 Drop Rate
3. Silver Key x5 Drop Rate
4. Gold Key x5 Drop Rate
5. Talisman of Chaos Assembly x1 Drop Rate
6. Elemental Talisman of Luck x2 Drop Rate
7. Elemental Talisman of Chaos x1 Drop Rate
8. Magic Backpack x2 Drop Rate"

Meanwhile in Blood Castle, here is to quote from another announcement:
"1. x5 Higher Drop Rate of Jewels ( Bless, Soul, Life, Gemstone & Chaos)
2. 3x Higher Drop Rate of Spirit Map Fragments
3. 2x Higher Drop Rate of Sealed Silver & Gold Box
4. 2x Higher Drop Rate of Item Socket Slot Adder
6. 2x Higher Drop Rate of Sign of Lord Stacked +30"

And of course our VIP subscribers will still have them on double rate. And with the combination of the loot tables of Blood Castle and Devil Square, the loot table for Chaos Castle will be known plus the GM Box rewarded to the ones who will win the exciting event.

For the castle owners, Land of Trials has been updated too. To quote another update from our owner here is the loot table for the proud and strong owners of the Castle:
"1. Spirit Fragments has 20% Higher Drop Rate
2. Item Slot Adder 15% higher Higher Drop Rate
3. Sealed Golden Box & Key 15% Higher Drop Rate
4. Sealed Silver Box & Key 15% Higher Drop Rate
5. Zen has 10% higher drop rate
6. Ancient Items 10% higher than old season Drop rate
7. Sign of Lord 20% higher drop rate and will drop 50 pack.
8. Jewel of Chaos, Soul & Bless 15% Higher Drop Rate
9. Jewel of Guardian 30% Higher Drop Rate"

Some more updates about drops, Season 4 and Season 7 items are now the drops by the golden box just like the GM Box, while silver box contains random Season 3 and 4 items. The White Wizard now is as hard as the Kunduns and will now have an 80% chance of dropping golden box, while the Silver Valkyrie has a 10% chance of dropping the silver box. And for the VIPs, you may enjoy an addition of 20% to every pentagram and elemental upgrade, you may also enjoy another 20% addition to the drop rate of pentagram and elemental ingredients and updates.

Brace yourselves, hunting season has already started, suit up with your best gears and enjoy the most out of the game can offer, happy gaming ZMU Community!



As times goes by we see many updates regarding some changes in different staff team. Others have been newly recruited and some as well are stepping down to their respective position due to real life problems. But then it is part of our challenges in real life because as staff you need to balance your time so you could push thru with your task in community hence if not that the times others will be resigning because they could not do or accomplish their certain task already.

On June 02, 2014, Monday, our beloved Community Manager, Mishel, had made changes in GFX team. First and foremost Aries came back to his position as Head GFX in our community after he left for a couple of weeks due to his problem in his internet connection and we thank Azumi for covering up the task of Aries while he is not around hence she will resume her job as GFXr. Next in line is the newly recruit in GFX team JMarion who will undergo as Test GFX for weeks in order to be familiar with the task and prove himself to the team. As for Scootaloo will also be serving again as Full GFX in the team. But sad to say that .PENDELUM has left his position due to personal resignation. We thank him for the service he did for the community and let’s give a warm welcome to the newly recruit in GFX Team.

On June 06, 2014, Friday, our beloved Lead Moderator Engel just announced the sudden step down of our Moderator Shinobu due to connection problems that he had experienced that lead him not to attend his task anymore and also due to short time to moderate in our community because of his busy schedule in real life while our handsome Head Game Master iReject made some changes in Game Master Team on the same day. It was the sudden resignation of our Game Master MisterFOX(MisterFOX in-game) due to real life busy schedule and as quoted he want to focus his family business at the moment that made him not to handle his task as a Game Master. Next was the removal of our three Test Game Masters namely Mskii, Reclaim, and Zorel due to their lack of activity while our ex Game Master Nduongdl (Nduong in-game) will be back in Game Master Team to render service again.

On June 09, 2014, Monday our handsome Head Game Master Seravi has announced some changes in Game Master Team which is effective immediately. First is the sudden resignation of our two Game Masters and one Game Master Team Leader namely Don. (xGerard in-game), Blank (iMudlock in-game), GMTL Reversi (cikayatra in-game). In lieu with their resignation in their respective position, Artketzu (Ketzu in-game) and RaiRick (RickRai in-game) both promoted as Game Master Team Leader in order to have equilibrium in the team.

Our Community Manager, Mishel, made some changes in GFX Team once again, June 12, 2014 Thursday. .Azumi and Zenedge both stepped down to their positions as GFX due to hectic academic schedule wherein they have no time to attend the request of our beloved forumers anymore hence they resigned so they can focus in there real life. On the other hand .Avin and Neon will serve as full GFX to our community again in order to cover the slots that have been emptied.

On June 13, 2014, Friday, our Lead Moderator Engel announced that Moderator TheCookieMonster had resigned due his hectic real life schedule. On the other hand our Moderator eddie000 has been removed from the team due to inactivity and we cannot really avoid some real life issue wherein we cannot attend on our respective task anymore.

On June 16, 2014, Monday, our Community Manager, Mishel, made an announcement regarding the resignation of our beloved Head Game Master MrVasiu a.k.a Dany due to his real life hectic schedule that made him inactive and cannot fulfill his task in the community. We thank him again for serving back into our community and wish him good luck in his real life. On the favorable matter our Test Head Game Master Cry has passed his test period and will not server as a Full Head Game Master. The next day, June 17, 2014, Wednesday, Our beloved Head Game Master, Cry, just made some necessary changes in his team. First and foremost let it be known that GM Amix (Xenjie in-game) and GM Jamir (xJhem in-game) will be leaving the team in couple of weeks due to real life issues that need to be done and they both promised to come back as long as it is done. And since the Game Master Team recruitment is finally closed our Head Game Master has announced the qualified once and they are now called themselves as Test Game Master and they are no other than Lyn, TheAchilles, Aichan, TeitoKlein, Hanz, Vincent and PhilyahSham.

June 22, 2014, Sunday, our beloved Community Manager Mishel, came up into final decision making Reversi as a Test Head Game Master in preparation to this upcoming task as Full Head Game Master if he could make it through. Test Head Game Master Reversi will undergo couple of weeks for his test period as a Test Head Game Master so he could get to use on the things and task that needs to be done. After the discussion with the Head Game Masters along with the approval of our Administrator they have decided to bring back Reversi and undergo as a Test Head Game Master to cover up things that needs to be attended.

On June 23, 2014, Monday, Our Head Game Master Cry just announced the promotion of our three Test Game Masters namely Legion (Shacainna in-game), CoCaXCoLa (xCocacola in-game), iFuu (iFuu in-game). They have proven themselves that they really deserve to the position as Full Game Master. This newly promoted Game Master can now assist in GMTA as well as PVP section. Let it also be known that our former Game Master Akashi will make a comeback to help the Game Master Team again.

On June 25, 2014, Wednesday, our Lead Moderator, Engel, have officially announced the new set of Test Moderators namely oElio and Spartan. After a couple of weeks since the recruitment in closed our Lead Moderator come up into her mind the new set of Test Moderator wherein they will undergo couple of weeks for their test periods as Moderator in preparation to their upcoming task as a Moderator if they could make it through. Our Lead Moderator Engel said that “We had good applications however we do not have many slots right now on the team but I’m not going to discourage anyone from trying to apply again in the future.” Finally Jamir will be switching from GM team to serve the community as moderator which means that former Game Master Jamir have left the team and transfer to Moderator team to server our community better.

Our Head Game Master, 4Got10 announced the resignation of our Game Master EMPEROR (Leucard In-game) on June 27, 2014 due to hectic schedule in real life that made him not to attend anymore his task as a Full Game Master hence he leave the team. As quoted in his resignation letter he wants to focus in his real life and studies. Lastly Test Game Master Hanz failed his test period as a Game Master due to real life hectic schedule that made him not to attend his task anymore.

Our Lead Moderator, Engel, just announced on June 30, 2014, Monday, about Moderator Marko will leave the team for a short period of time. The reason might be, he wants to fix something on his real life as of the moment therefore he leaves for a couple of weeks in the team. On the favorable matter let it be known that Former Moderator iWorm came back to the Moderator Team to serve again our community.

The administration, as well as the community really appreciate and thank these people for the unremarkable services they have rendered. We are wishing you all the best in life. As for the people who keep on returning into team, we are really grateful and welcome you all with arms wide open.




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SOTW #/Title:# 186 Winner
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